lets travel together


Love is in air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… What is better than traveling with the one you love? Far too many people have begun to advocate […]

The Mughal Seat Of Power: Agra Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Agra Red Fort has seen many a births of Mughal Dynasty’s future kings,  clandestine love stories,  conspiracies,  heart breaks, coronations, revolts, treachery and the […]

Taj Mahotsav, Agra

Trivia on Taj Mahotsav: 1. A minimal of 50 Rs is the entry fees for the festival with tickets available at entry gates. 2. No ticket is applicable for kids […]

Christmas in Puducherry

I have visited Puducherry or Pondicherry as it is better known, twice, both times in December. In 2007 when I had not ventured in the world of blogging and chronicling […]

In And Around Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, better known by the epithet ‘Golden City‘ for its tawny landscape, is steeped in stories of valour, gallantry, vows, battles, sacrifices and royalty. For as far as the eyes […]

What Not To Miss In California

The state of California stretches from Mexico to Oregon. The Golden state as it is better known, is hub of art, technology and entertainment. With a variety of natural landscapes […]

For That Slice Of Pizza

It is always the small nondescript eateries that steal the show with their authentic delectable offerings be it kebabs on a tiny hand cart in by lanes of Lucknow or […]

Need of the Hour: Eco Friendly Hotels

With depleting natural resources, world has finally woken up to conserving flora and fauna, recycling and reducing water consumption and adopting ways to utilize solar energy. ‘Eco-friendly’ is the buzz […]

Ruins Of Mandu

Hidden from view at a distant hill  towards the western end of Mandu plateau, are an old fort’s ruins “Budhi Mandu“(translated literally it means ancient Mandu) dating back to tenth […]