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Abor Country River Camp By The Mighty Siang River

What do you do for adventure? Trekking? Scuba Diving? Rappeling?

Or Water Rafting?

If it is water rafting that makes your heart thump with excitement, you must be thinking of Rishikesh… But AborCountry River Camp in Arunachal Pradesh on the banks of mighty, furious and expansive Siang River right in the middle of a forest and organizes water rafting is another destination that must be included in your list of adventure tourism.

Siang river, that originates from Mansarovar lake, flowing through Tibet as Yanglung Tsangpo till it enters Assam as Brahmputra, when in spate has a large basin and gushes over a rocky bed in fierce speed creating eddies and massive currents. It ticks all the right boxes for water rafting. And by the mighty Siang in Pasighat  is Abor Country River Camp. 

Abor Country River Camp:

About 300 kilometers from Itanagar in Pasighat is Abor Country River Camp, on the banks of Siang  by Abor Country and Travel Expeditions .

A cluster of comfortable tents and rooms set amidst the lush forest with an aim to promote reveling in nature, this River Camp offers various excursions and customized itineraries besides rafting and angling at Siang.

Conservation of natural fauna and flora and sustainability as its guiding principle, this eco-lodge has strived to be sensitive to environment by using solar heaters, natural water source, drift wood logs and traditional tribal construction methods with naturally available material.

seating overlooking the Siang

Relax to the gushing sounds of Siang with a cup of tea

Thatched rooms with indigenous architecture

Rooms fashioned in tribal hut style

Dining in wilderness

Dine in wilderness

By the Siang

Coffee by the Siang

The Tents:

Tented accomodation at Abor Country River camp

Luxurious Tents at Abor Country River Camp

At Abor Country River camp you wake up to the bird songs and gush of Siang river in the tents that are catered to provide a comfortable stay. A wooden deck along the tent with seating space was my favourite place for that morning cup of coffee.

wooden deck outside the tent

A cup of coffee and glimpses of river from the curtain of trees…what better way to spend the morning?

Tent interiors

Comfortable and spacious tents

Activities Offered by the River Camp:

Besides the water rafting, the Abor Country River camp offers day hikes to Ponging village, a remote village which is connected to mainland only through a suspension bridge over Yamne River and to other hanging bridges over Siang through orange orchards and visit to tribal villages.

Suspension bridge over Yamne river

Suspension Bridge over River Yamne

Huts of tribal village

Idu Mishmi Tribal village

Siang river

River Siang near the tents

North East Indian states are yet to be explored for the wild natural beauty and the Abor Country River camp is a great option to stay and begin at Arunachal Pradesh, the land of sunlit mountains.


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