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Why Take a Vacation?

Vacations are that whiff of fresh air which rejuvenate and relax us. If I am stuck in my work for about three months at a stretch, I start feeling the urgent need to refresh myself…I need to have a break, honestly! Travel makes me feel alive…

Here is a post by Rajveer Khanna:

Benefits of taking a vacation regularly

Majority of us look forward to a holiday and wait for that time of the year when we can take one. And  yet many of us are bogged down with work. We give up  much-needed vacation due to work requirements relegating it to a later date.

A regular practice of cancelling a vacation however may not only decrease the productivity at work, increase stress levels but also jeopardise our health as say most health nutritionists.

A holiday offers a chance to relax and restore your overall sense of well-being. Travel and holiday is undoubtedly a smart choice for the body, mind and soul. So here are few benefits of taking a vacation regularly.

  • Emotional recharge and relaxation

In our fast paced life we often fall short on enough sleep due to high stress every day. This leads to irritability and negative impact on our behaviour. With more and more people facing this problem these days,  a vacation has become imperative for bouncing back to  natural state of well-being.

An adult needs at least seven hours of sleep and a vacation is a great way to recuperate and catch up on sleep. It also recharges us emotionally in a new environment.

Source: Imperial Hotel GalleryIf we are unable to take a long vacation, it is better to take a short vacation over a weekend at a luxury hotel in our own city to relax and rejuvenate. For instance if you live in the capital, consider any of the best hotels in Delhi like The Imperial which offers specially modified and heritage luxurious rooms which will transport you back to a bygone era; just the thing you may need to help get a change and catch up on your sleep.

  • Enjoy the moment.

Travelling to far away  new places teaches us the art of savouring the moment and making the most of today. Nature and scenic sites help in reinvigorating our very soul. Taking a vacation in such a place helps us not only unplug but also forces us to live and enjoy simple joys.

  •  Lowers stress

Commitment and  integrity to follow it up are necessity for a job well done, but one needs to balance it to avoid a burnout and related health problems.  Those who take regular breaks, keep up better health conditions due to reduced stress. However those people who complain about medical bills for stress-related conditions are often the ones who haven’t vacationed in a while. Consider indulging in a spa treatment the next time you are on a vacation or even on a business trip to reduce stress levels.

  • Increases creativity

The change of place helps boost our creativity and allows clear thinking especially as one can easily disconnect from work. Holidays helps slow down our pace and thinking; giving more room for new and improved ideas to flow in.

  • Improved relationships
Enhanced togetherness

Enhanced togetherness

It is a well-known fact that taking a vacation is great to help strengthen the bonds of a relationship. On a vacation one tends to connect and interact much more with a partner or family member in absence of work issues.Sharing various experiences together at a holiday helps build personal bonds and increases quality time with family .

Wouldn’t it  be nicer to spend on a vacation and not on a visit to the doctor for stress?

Even if travel for work is on cards, an extended family vacation never harmed anyone….and once finished with work, quality time with family can be easily planned. The capital city Delhi boasts of many such hotels which offer a completely different and luxurious atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags already and club your work and vacation with family to head over to nearest hotel..

Happy vacationing!!


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