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Category: International Travel

What Not To Miss In California

The state of California stretches from Mexico to Oregon. The Golden state as it is better known, is hub of art, technology and entertainment. With a variety of natural landscapes […]

Rained In At Chicago

Chicago, to me, meant Mies van der Rohe, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright and some precious lessons from History of Architecture that I studied in college. While chalking out the […]

An Unfinished House Of Prayer

Whenever I have visited any place of worship, a sense of peace has prevailed…. I can hear my heart beating, the rhythmic breathing and my brain clock ticking. I have realized I […]

New York: The City That Never Sleeps

A city wears its attitude on its sleeve…New York flaunts it. Glitz, glamour, art, fashion and big bucks….they don’t call New York City the cultural and financial capital of world […]

A Holiday In The US of A

I love to travel…period. But it’s not everyday that we plan a holiday, a month-long at that, abroad, because honestly that is a big decision and a hell lot of budgeting….And […]