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Need of the Hour: Eco Friendly Hotels

With depleting natural resources, world has finally woken up to conserving flora and fauna, recycling and reducing water consumption and adopting ways to utilize solar energy.

‘Eco-friendly’ is the buzz word and rules-regulations for the same are being gradually implemented. Each of us needs to pitch in and work towards conserving natural resources. As the government’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ initiative gains ground in the country, many have already adopted a healthier green way of living.

Indian tourism and hospitality industry has grown by leaps and bound even though there have been many economic reforms. Both international and national tourists are flocking to destinations for vacations. This leads to more demand on water and electricity and generates more waste.

The needs of the hour are the eco-sensitive hotels and resorts to ease this demand. With international tourists demanding services of eco-friendly hotels, it is the onus on resorts and hotels to adopt and deliver green practices. With ample amount of land and financial resources available to hotels, it is their responsibility to manage waste disposal, water recycling, grow their own organic supply of fresh vegetables and fruits or adopt villages for organic farming without increasing the burden on electricity and initiate tree plantation drives.

Staff of Club Mahindra, Kandaghat going for cleanliness drive

Several hotels started adopting the green practices and becoming environment friendly. The Park was one of the first Indian hotels in Hyderabad to adopt green practices. Taj group of Hotels, Park Hyatt, Novotel, ITC, Lemon Tree groups of hotels are already taking up cleanliness and plantation drives along with waste management in their premises. However, the smaller resorts and hotels need to be encouraged too.

And as a traveler and tourist I believe we must join hands in conserving natural resources. So while other industries are stepping in to do their bit, here is what we as individuals can do to help the eco-initiatives in small ways:

  • Keep surroundings clean,
  • Minimize the use of plastic bags,
  • Wasting less of water,
  • Switching off electricity when not in need
  • Changing our attitude
  • Be responsible citizens and tourists

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