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Informatics Centre And Museum Of Dinosaur Fossils At Balasinor, Gujarat

If one looks closely at the engravings in ancient temples in Rajasthan and Gujarat, there are depictions of certain animals that look like dinosaurs. I have come across a few in Jain temples at Kiradu. I often wondered where all on Indian terrain did dinosaurs roam.

First fossilized dinosaur egg was discovered as early as 1860 by a British geologist in Tamilnadu.  Later such fossils were discovered near Vadodara and Jabalpur. The Balasinor fossils were discovered accidentally while excavation. Paleontologists have discovered 13 different species of dinosaurs.

The largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs however was discovered in BALASINOR, Gujarat in 1980. 

And recently an Informatics Centre and Museum of Dinosaur Fossils was inaugurated by Mr Vijay Rupani, Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, at Balasinor about 100 kilometers from Gandhinagar.

An erstwhile kingdom of Yusfzai Dynasty, Balasinor in Mahisagar district is blessed with beautiful temples and has a distinctive ancient aura. With the opening of the museum, Balasinor now has another reason to feature on the tourist map.

Informatation Center And Museum

While Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park in Gandhinagar, also known as India’s Jurrasic Park, was the first museum spread over 428 hectares with display of whale skeletons, fossilized eggs dating 65 million years, the new Informatics Center and Museum at Balasinor occupies a whopping 25000 square feet area with 10 galleries that display 40 sculptures of dinosaurs depicting their habits, size and food habits.

A giant sculpture of thick legged crested horn Rajasaurus Narmandesis or Raja of Narmada, a carnivore dinosaur of Tyrannosaurus Rex family takes the centre stage at the museum with an exclusive 3D film dedicated to the dinosaur.

Equipped with Time Machine, 5D theatre , 3D films, mesozoic times, souvenir shop, this museum also has interactive zone for kids to learn and entertain with information on dinosaurs right from their birth to the extinction.

A curious and interesting fossil of 3.5 meter long skeleton of snake is on display. This snake fed on dinosaur eggs showcasing a rare information of food habits and survival tactics of animals millions of years ago.

A Fossil Park Development Society that is entrusted with the upkeep of this new museum manages the information in the center. If Gujarat is on your list, add this new attraction to your itinerary to learn more about these primitive creatures that roamed the surface of earth.

Reaching there:

  • Balasinor is 100 km from Gandhinagar. Regular bus and taxi services are easily available



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