Monsoon Fort Treks Near Pune

The first heavy monsoon shower arrived with not only the intoxicating pleasant petrichor but also brought back a longing to be on the green slopes of Sahyadris with gentle breeze […]

Rained In At Chicago

Chicago, to me, meant Mies van der Rohe, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright and some precious lessons from History of Architecture that I studied in college. While chalking out the […]

When Being Indian Made Me Feel Proud….

We are a Tenacious lot…we Indians….Invaded and plundered we reeled but refused to succumb. British ruled for 400 yrs hoping to tame us, converts us, teach us their ways…but we emerged […]

Heralding The New Year With Gudi Padwa

It is that time of the year again when spring manifests itself in the myriad colorful blooms all around…trees wear a fresh look with the newly sprouted leaves glinting like little […]

An Unfinished House Of Prayer

Whenever I have visited any place of worship, a sense of peace has prevailed…. I can hear my heart beating, the rhythmic breathing and my brain clock ticking. I have realized I […]

New York: The City That Never Sleeps

A city wears its attitude on its sleeve…New York flaunts it. Glitz, glamour, art, fashion and big bucks….they don’t call New York City the cultural and financial capital of world […]

The French Footprint

I was visiting Pondicherry after a long time again. This time with the sole aim of visiting the Matri Mandir at Auroville. I was always intrigued of this golden orb […]

Shiva’s Manifestations

Mahashivratri, “the great night of Shiva“, is one of those festivals that I looked forward to as a kid …it allowed us to forgo the healthy veggies and pulses in meals […]

Two Days At Le Meridien, Coimbatore

What do you do if you have two days of ultimate luxury and no work…no agenda…no meetings and no kid in tow?? YES…you make the most of it and immerse […]

The Temple Town of Rama’s Ishwar: Rameshwaram

I enjoy road trips; there is always something that catches the eye……people, landscape, birds, ruins, abandoned structures, amusing sign-boards or plain and simple food from a wayside eatery we might […]

In Search Of Rama’s Setu At Dhanushkodi

The sea seemed to have receded somewhere near the horizon….the rattling mini-bus ran along the deeply entrenched tyre marks on what seemed like an almost dry sea-bed. Sun had begun its […]