Handcrafted Saraswati Veena Of Thanjavur

The Geographical Indication tag(formally granted in 2013) handcrafted Saraswati Veena of Thanjavur is revered by the Carnatic music stalwarts for its sonorous quality. A prized possession of the classical musicians, […]

Behrupiya (lord Shiva), Chitrakoot ghats, Uttar Pradesh, India. (Photo by: IndiaPictures/UIG via Getty Images)

Behrupiya, The Street Performer

A dwindling breed of street performers sing devotional songs. Behrupiya, the original travelers and entertainers, once were the  much sought after street performers in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. They were masters of disguise and sometimes entrusted with spying for the kings.

Big Temple at Thanjavur

Brihadeshwara Temple, Thanjavur

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brihadeshwara Temple or ‘Periya Kovil’ built by Rajraja I in 1010 AD is the largest and tallest temple in the country at Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. It […]

Apple Picking In Troy

The best moments of travel are undoubtedly the interaction with locals and the experiences that allow you the glimpse of their life. But I had not planned on it….and that […]