Mysterious woods

In Photos: Jim Corbett National Park

What begins as a quest for the magnificent striped jungle cat ends in marveling at the beauty of the forest. I would have loved to meet the tiger in its natural habitat, but the fresh air, the bird songs, the mysterious woods all make up for that one missed sighting. Here are few glimpses from…

Jim Corbett with his hunt

In The Land Of Jim Corbett

Known for killing man-eater leopards and tigers of Kumaon region, Jim Corbett's legend lives on in stories of his hunting expeditions, his house and a single barrel muzzle-load gun in Choti Haldwani, a village that Corbett adopted. The Corbett family home at Kaladhungi, is now a little museum that gives glimpses of hunter-tracker-conservationist's trysts with man-eaters. Jim…