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A photo journey : Havelock Island, Andamans

I had never seen so many hues of blue till I made a trip to Havelock Island , Andaman Islands. The most popular and the best beach in Asia, Radhanagar beach with its silver sand strewn with thousands of beautiful shells and corals, elephant rides in sea, snorkelling was so breathtaking that I could not stop shooting photographs. Here are some that I simply wanted to share…

From the ship deck

Approaching the island

Light House

Trail to tents

Tents at the island


The kids were immensely happy covering each other with sand and playing mermaid, making sand castles and  hut of twigs and grass or simply running in and out of sea. They did not want the vacation to end ever….

Kids at play

Tidal fury

Out in the Arabian Sea

A lone ship

Setting sun

The night watchman….this crab was moving fast when our torch-light dazed it momentarily and it assumed a ninja like attack stance…..

The night watchman





  1. I agree with your kids. It’s one vacation that should never end. At least in our hearts and memory. And yes, in photos and through our blog posts. Wonderful family vacation. Each picture, reminds us why life is beautiful. Have a great weekend.

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  2. Andaman is an amazing place. I have been to this wonderful island in 2011. It was a family trip and we had so much fun. There were so many interesting activities to indulge in, it was the perfect trip for my kid. Thank you Shoma for sharing this wonderful experience with us.

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