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In Sync With The Rhythm Of Nature At Lonavala

My home is on the sixth, the top floor of apartment building in Pune. It is always a bit too warm and though I can see the swaying trees from above but its not the same as sitting under those trees and feeling their rhythm. During the pandemic lock-down last year, when there were restrictions for even stepping out of your home, I realized I missed the joys of feeling the grass under my feet, sitting in the shade of the trees and gurgling water fountains.

With restrictions on long distance travel, the nearby places emerged as the destinations that allowed much wanted small breaks from house chores and boredom. And Pune has lot many options at stone’s throw with ample greenery, especially during monsoon and immediately after. Lonavala being one such place.

And this time to take a break from monotony of every day life I decided to head to Rythm Resort at Lonavala. This break gave me what I came looking for…. grass under my feet, shade of trees, rippling sound of water, breeze, ample relaxed chore-free me time and warm meals without me sweating in the kitchen.

Crossed feet in the lawn
Having a relaxed evening amidst nature

A Resort Inspired From Nature

The all-suite resort is set around a dainty little courtyard where trees gently sway and you wake up to the bird songs in the rooms that overlook the courtyard. Inspired from nature, the resort hosts small little elements that connect it to nature. While the resort does not claim to be an all out eco-friendly property, but the little things that it incorporates, says much about its acknowledging the need of being in sync with the nature.

Let There Be Trees:

The owners wanted to retain as many organically growing trees on the site when the resort was being made. And so one finds a mango tree growing in the middle of a pool segregating the adult and kid splashing zones. Another tree shoots out of the roof just outside the restaurant. Large leafed creepers growing along the trees create mysterious shadows.

Tree growing in centre of swimming pool
Mango Tree Separates The Kid and Adult Splash Zone

Reflecting their love for nature, the suites and other areas bear names derived from the trees. The rooms thus are Banyan and Cyprus Suites. The restaurant is Tree-house Cafe and the bar is Cedar Lounge. Each room also displays a slice cut from those trees that were dead and necessary to remove from site.

Image of tree through the roof
Shooting Through The Overhang Of Restaurant Roof

Straight From The Earth:

I always love a traditional ‘kavelu’ roof or the clay roofing tiles. The tiles are not only eco-friendly but keep the interiors much cooler compared to a concrete slab. The resort has utilized the clay tiles for roofing at various sections and that is why the first look of the resort appealed so much to me.

Entrance porch of the resort
Clay Tile Roof At The Entrance Porch Of The Rythm Resort

Behind The Bars:

Nothing spells rustic charm like the little nooks and corners and seating areas enclosed by wooden railings.

I am always attracted to wood embellishments and at the resort you find wood bars on balconies and decks, seating area near the reception and a relaxing gazebo by the pool side. Even some of the decor pieces are carved out of the wood logs acquired from various places by the owners.

Like A Rock:

There are planters and then there are stone chip planters. The resort is dotted with these and I found them quite intriguing and uniquely beautiful.

Planters Made Of Stone Chips
Planters Made From Stone Chip

Clear As Glass:

Plastic has become the bane for the environment. While giving up total use of plastic may not be possible for consumers without an alternative, but a small step can always be taken to contribute towards being environment friendly. The resort has, in its own small way, taken up using glass bottles for serving water instead of the regular plastic bottles available in most places.

glass bottles with the resort logo
Drinking Water In Glass Bottles

Aesthetically Yours:

A neatly kept bed and a clean bathroom is my basic requirement when I travel and I can not compromise on that. The moment I check-in, I notice the layout of the room and check the bathroom. Rhythm, ticked all the right boxes for me with neat and clean rooms and subtly elegant and aesthetic interiors.

The resort also boasts of art pieces that bring the spaces alive with their uniqueness.

Gastronomic Affair:

While the laid out meal for buffet is a delectable spread, I was pleasantly surprised when the chef curated a Thai meal for us which we obviously gorged on. Later the next morning bakery chef made the softest ‘pav’ or buns for the breakfast.

A Little Splash For Rejuvenation:

Tired after a swim? Having cakes, sandwiches, refreshing juices or a hot mug of coffee from the Bistro, right next to pool… What else would one need for a staycation?

Pool Party Anyone?

What Is A Staycation Without Books!

And just for the bookworms, Rhythm Resort offers a quiet room teeming with books and magazines and art pieces that catch your eye like a canon, a metal thinking man, a ship complete with sails!

Seating arrangement with book shelves behind the chairs
A Reading Room With Books Is Ultimate Vacation Happiness

What To Do At Lonavala:

Drive along the Ghat Road

Curving hill road
Drive along the lush green hill road

Lonavala Lake

Lonavala Lake is a delight during monsoons

Enjoy views of Western Ghats

hill view

Splurge on Lonavala Chikki and Khurja Pottery

Shop selling ceramic pots pans and planters
Wayside Shops Sell A Variety Of Pots, Pans And Planters From Khurja

I was at Rhythm Resort on invitation. However the opinion and views and images are my own. The resort is worth spending time at. I was pleased at my two day stay.






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