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Two Days At Le Meridien, Coimbatore

What do you do if you have two days of ultimate luxury and no work…no agenda…no meetings and no kid in tow?? YES…you make the most of it and immerse yourself in the lap of luxurious comfort….At least that is what I did!

It was scorching by the time we dropped our daughter at the pick-up point for her short two-days summer camp in June last year at Coimbatore and I was desperate to change into something lighter(..erm…something skimpier) than the demure and elegant salwar-kameez that seemed appropriate to wear as a parent of a tween.

But the rest two days were totally mine…I didn’t have to do ‘the right thing’ and set example in front of the kid! And I was feeling naughtier….it had been long since me and the husband had some alone time…..Our room at Le Meridien, Coimbatore was waiting for us!!

Soon we drove in the porch of the hotel. As our car was whisked away by the valet I noticed the little artificial pond lined with palm trees….I guess the architect wanted to recreate an ‘Oasis’ kind of look….though Coimbatore doesn’t resemble a desert even a wee bit…but I wasn’t  complaining…I was there to have two full days of luxury and pampering…

A little oasis right at the porch…..

A quick security check and I was escorted in the spacious lobby or atrium….Needless to say I was super impressed with the grandiose space that welcomed me. While the husband busied himself with formalities at the reception, I roamed about observing the magnificently large chandelier that reached all the way down hanging from the upper floors, the multi-colored murals that adorned the walls, the little coffee counter tucked away in one corner of the lobby, the capsule lift that rode up and down noiselessly and the extra large floral arrangement that brought the entire glass and granite interiors alive…

Atrium, Le Meridien, Coimbatore

Atrium with capsule lift

My exploration complete, I proceeded to our room to finally get into more comfortable clothes. The lobby ‘s cool interiors had eased off the outside heat but I looked forward to relax completely. And the pristine white sheets of the cozy bed tempted me enough…

The wood paneled room with muted shades of whites and browns overlooked the swimming pool lined with more palm trees and I awaited for an evening by the pool.

Our room overlooking the pool

Honestly! curled up under that duvet on those ultra soft pillows that swallowed me up I slept like a log….until it was lunch time of course!

The lunch was obviously a huge spread of Indian and continental cuisine. The mouthwatering aroma tantalized my taste-buds no end. The delicacies ranged from South Indian to Chinese, Italian, salads, soups and there was even a ‘chaat corner’….I was spoiled for choice. I couldn’t resist the gastronomical cravings and shamelessly took a little helping of almost everything except the variety of rice dishes… Well, I am not a fan of rice!

An ornate kiosk all in gold housed the sweets counter. More than ten different sweets lined the serving deck and it was difficult to pick and choose. I settled for the ones which were lesser common in a home-made environment….

The Golden Kiosk that housed the sweet delights

For two days I gorged on food sampling almost all items three meals a day…I ate and ate the delicious spread breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Evenings were quite windy and were spent by the pool. Tempted though I was, but I stayed away from water content to watch from a distance lounging at chairs by the pool as a large extended family seemed to be staying in the hotel and the pool had almost become the kids’ playground…..

However, the only out of place thing in the pool area were the palm trees…the landscaping at the pool side did not blend with the natural flora of the region…..I found the palms little annoying…

Palm lined swimming pool

Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts a member of Starwood Hotels and Resorts group,  is an international chain of luxury hotels offering luxurious properties in major cities and destinations.

And if a grand vacation is what one is looking for…spending on a luxurious stay is first step. I could have stayed longer though if time permitted….but my vacation was the stolen time away from duties of a responsible parent. Summer camp over…and so was my holiday.

The memories of this luxury stay will always be special…I hadn’t realized that taking a break now and then from parental duties to indulge in little pampering and ‘couple-time’ was beneficial for a marriage. We had reconnected…we talked…we teased each other…we spent time with each other….and the best part…we fell in love all over again!

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