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Where Gods love…..

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” 
― Gautama Buddha

Sringara is one of the nine rasas, which forms the basis of all classical Indian arts like theatre, music, dance, poetry and sculpture. Rasa means the flavour and ‘Sringar-Rasa’ is mostly about romantic love, attraction, beauty and erotic love. Indian arts revolve around the relationship between a man and woman which translates into divine love.

 Many ancient Indian temples are adorned with sculptures where Gods and Goddesses are depicted in erotic postures. Female figures involved in beauty regimen are also part of the sculptures that adorn the temple walls. the best examples are the famous Khajuraho temples in state of Madhya Pradesh. Many temples were destroyed by Muslim invaders and British who considered these representations unholy and vile.

Today the world practices Indian Yoga and the book of Kamasutra is still sought for. Ancient Indians never made making love a taboo instead they taught how to perfect it. Relationship between two consenting adults is a natural thing and by depicting it on temple walls they announced that even the Gods made love with their consorts hence it was a divine act.



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