Designs on walls…

When I moved into a new house, I unpacked and put up all those freshly washed and ironed curtains, the polished wood furniture and other small curios to decorate the house but still there seemed something missing in the decor. Ah! Yes! My walls were bare!!

When a wall is adorned with paintings, photographs of family, textures and colors, it comes alive and the house suddenly transforms into a warm well decorated home.

Wall decoration has been a habit with humans since their days as cave dwellers. Archaeologists have discovered early wall paintings all over the world. With the innovation of tools by early men, designs became three-dimensional and elaborate carvings appeared on walls depicting the flora and fauna, kings and gods, signs and symbols, hymns and edicts….almost everything!

Indians, since ancient age, have painted images of many Hindu gods on entrances for good luck and images of people celebrating festivals on their walls. Indian ancient temple walls have been adorned with finest and exquisitely carved sculptures. Forts, palaces and houses of rich traders had walls decorated in marble inlay, stone carvings, paintings,mirrors and precious stones.

Some wall motifs and designs that caught my eye :






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