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Kostamar Beach Resort: A Review

The fact that town of Diu is very small with only a hand-full of people arriving at its airport, was reiterated at the arrival lounge that had no conveyor belt to bring our luggage…instead two men hand-transported bags. As we made our way out of airport , at a distance the sea shimmered silver under the white ball of fire…

Before I travelled to Diu, I wondered how to reach Diu…I expected a ferry ride besides air travel but was surprised to find a small road-bridge connecting the thriving Gujarati community at Diu to Gujarat.

Raging sun and sultry day makes me go hibernating….and all I wanted then was to sleep. With a precondition of clean sheets and bathroom, I was sure that the room which Aby, my husband had booked for our holiday after carefully checking out as many resorts in daman and diu, wouldn’t spoil my mood and our holiday ;p

Just after one look at the resort, I was ready to spend my two days in Ilaha-de-Cama. Diu being a peaceful calm place was named Ilaha-de-Cama….the Isle of Calm, by its Portuguese rulers.

Our stay included one-day of guided tour courtesy the Kostamar Beach Resort and while we waited for the bell-boy to show us our room, we were introduced to our driver for the next day who would guide us about what to do in Diu.Kostamar Beach Resort

Our room, with an attached little balcony with seating space for two that overlooked the swimming pool and other higher-budget rooms, was tastefully done in muted shades but the excess bird menace had inspired the resort to install a thin grill just outside the balcony. Happy with the peaceful and welcoming room, I slept off waiting for the sun to proceed on its westward journey.

Nagoa beach is one of the popular site for adventure sports in Diu …the resort being at Nagoa gave us perfect opportunity for a leisurely walk, fun in sea and some para-sailing right there!

Later, tired, wet and famished we freshened up to head to the rooftop restaurant. Gently swaying coconut palms, the sound of sea waves and fairy lights provided much relief from the day’s heat.

Breezy Roof-top Restaurant

The breezy and peaceful Roof-top Restaurant

Proud of its ‘Live Kitchen’ and sea-food platter, the staff was bit disappointed with our choice of vegetarian meal but they complied whole-heartedly nevertheless.

The dimly lit lawn and swimming-pool area seemed so inviting that I forgot my tiredness and decided to sit while my daughter explored. She was elated to discover two coconuts that fell from the trees in the lawn….

Beautiful setting of rooms around swimming pool

Rooms around swimming pool

Our two days flew away very fast….had I planned better I could have relaxed more in the lazy town. But then there is always a next time…and I don’t mind returning to Kostamar yet again!!

A little information:

  • Rooms of various budgets are categorised as Royal Deluxe, Royal Villas and Royal suites.
  • The resort is only about a kilometre from the airport and provides pick-up and drop.
  • Travellers can visit for detailed information and bookings.


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