Incredible India..

I had been mulling for long for a suitable way to express myself in this blog about India but nothing really piqued my interest until this front page of daily newspaper “Times of India” showed up on our doorstep.

This might not classify exactly as a travel blog, a history blog or even an India glorifying blog. But it is mostly about India, an India which is a mix of everything : Traditional, historic, festive, mythical, scientific, modern, exotic,beautiful, cultured, chaotic, superstitious, narrow-minded,  bizarre, untidy, uncouth, in love with each other yet ready to erupt at the slightest of provocation, still a believer in tantric activities(black magic) yet a military force to reckon with.

India definitely is incredible and astonishing and truly you can love it , hate it but you can never ignore it!

So, here I am with a love hate relationship for my India. This is my perspective of beloved INDIA.

53 thoughts on “Incredible India..

    1. I hope to make people aware of the wonderful country that we have inherited.I read your hub too. Its what I would like to elaborate upon!


  1. I was and still am fasciated about India , its culture, its landscape, the charms of its people. They remind me of the Philippines where I grew up. Same as you, it’s a love and hate relationship. But nowadays, I would rather look on the good part. It is true though when they say, ” there is no place like home.” It seems that I have a comfortable life in America but my heart and it’s beating,still longed for the country of my birth. One day, I wish to go home with my family. I would gladly gave up the material things for a life the finds happiness in the simpliest of things. As I get older, my priorities changed and being around family tops my list. A blessed day to you and your family.

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    1. Thanks again for subscribing to my blog, it boosts my confidence when people read my entries. I have been slack in updating the blog however soon I will be posting some new stuff. I haven’t visited any other country not only because it is little expensive for me but also because there is still lot of places in India that I have not visited and I want to write more about my country first. I guess most of the countries in Asia are similar in some way ; food habits, Buddhism, climatic conditions, British rule may be….
      Good or bad , you are right, there is no place like home. Thanks again


    2. I agree with The Island Traveler, so I’ll just copy some of his words that suits: “I was and still am fasciated about India , its culture, its landscape, the charms of its people. Same as you, it’s a love and hate relationship. But nowadays, I would rather look on the good part.”

      Dill Valo ki India!

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  2. One of the most interesting countries in Asia is India — gleaning from the History of Asian Nation (one of my favorite subjects in high school). Given the chance, I would really love to travel to India and visit it’s historical structures and mingle with the people who are competent in the use of the English language. And, since I am also interested in Magic and all that, India is a cool place to ask for such. 🙂 One more thing: let’s not forget that the Indian people have grabbed a lot of world titles in the Guinness Book of Records.

    Kudos to your loyalty!

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  3. An interesting country, it sure is!! But you will have to find magic in temples of Khajuraho which depict “Kaamsutra” or the magnificent moonlit Tajmahal. No more a snake charmers and street magicians instead you might find some traffic jams and cows on roads. Locals around historical places would not be so conversant in English and those who can speak the language might not be always around the sites. Though you might come across some cheats yet you will get lot of helping hands too. Thanks for visiting my site and do visit my country!!

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    1. Hi Shoma! I am following your blog. So glad you have a blog now in addition to your other pursuits. You are a very interesting person! My oncologist is originally from India, and he is one of the nicest people I know. 🙂 Therefore, I am interested in India and hope to gain a lot of insight from you. Debb

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      1. Hell Debb, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. As of now I have taken up the NaPoWriMo 2013 challenge of writing thirty poems in 30 days of April…but soon I will write a few more things about India. Hope you will like reading . thanks again. keep visiting.


    1. Hey,Nilae you don’t have to be much worried of a visit to India. Every country has some good and some bad things to offer… country is dotted with monuments of its rich history and there are many helpful people around too. Though it seems a little filthy in some places but people are fast becoming aware of the repurcussions and striving to become more cleaner…You are most welcome to visit us and and keep visiting my blog for more pics of other places in India. Thanks for finding time to visit my blog. Best wishes…


  4. I’m always been fascinated my India and it’s amazing people. The culture is rich, a lot of beautiful landscapes and a people who smiles generously despite of the hardships in life. It reminds me of the Philippines where I grew up…similar warmth and joyous celebrations for life…beautiful my friend….

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  5. Thanks for the visit over at my blog, giving me the opportunity to learn about yours! India has always been a fascinating place in my mind, and I love reading about it. You’ve provided a new avenue for me.

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  6. I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with several people from India and it has been amazing to listen to and learn about their personal experiences back home.

    I do hope to visit someday 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn some more about India and read your personal perspective on things 🙂


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  7. Hello Shoma, a friend of mine recently spent a month traveling throughout India. And I came across your blog and liked what I saw and read thus far.

    Have you seen most of India or just parts, if so what areas are your favorites and why?
    I’m curious 🙂

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  8. Hello Aime , I am glad you stumbled on my blog. Yes, till now I have seen only some parts of my country. There is a lot to see both natural and man-made . Currently I am in the state of Rajasthan which has a rich royal history with almost all historical buildings decorated with intricate stone engravings, sculpture etc. Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand states have lot to offer in terms of natural beauty with lakes, snow covered mountains and old British era houses many of which have been converted to resorts. The southern India has mostly beaches and temple architecture to boast about. I haven’t yet traveled enough to eastern parts of the country to shed any light on tourist places. I love almost all things in all places that I have visited. However, sometimes the poverty around the places saddens and pinches at times.Summers are too hot here so if you plan a visit stick to the later half of the year August to March.


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