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Exploring The Best Of Beaches Along The Indian Coastline With Expedia

Flanked by Arabian Sea in southwest and Bay of Bengal in southeast, the Indian subcontinent juts out into Indian Ocean, the world’s third largest ocean. Dotted with beautiful beaches, the coastal India boasts of  4671 miles of coastline. With Expedia it now is easy to search for best of beaches.

I have had my share of beach holidays. My earliest memory is of Marina Beach at Chennai, the longest natural urban beach in India, where as an eight-year-old I fought with waves from sweeping off my flip-flops and struggled to finish a chocolate ice-cream bar before it melted away in the sultry weather!

Every time I have fallen in love with the rolling vast sea, the soft sand sinking under my feet and the orange setting sun….A few of my most memorable holidays have been to these beaches:

Velneshwar Beach

We drove from Pune to Velneshwar with an aim to spend a lazy weekend. It was a perfect time-out away from the crowd…the serenity broken only by the gently swaying palms.

Serenity and unpolluted beach of Velneshwar

If lazing around on a quiet beach is what you are looking for, this is the beach you go. Lined with coconut palms, Velneshwar is a rock-free beach and an idyllic setting for swimmers.

Diveagar, Raigad

Sun sets as the fishermen return with their day’s haul at Diveagar

A small hamlet in Raigad District, Maharashtra, Diveagar is essentially a fishing region. A four hours drive from Pune led us to this silvery beach, one of the finest of Konkan region.

Diveagar beach is home to some rich fauna and flora…a haunt for nature enthusiasts. I can still remember the excitement on my then toddler’s face when she encountered a large Fiddler crab…the father daughter duo ignored my warnings and sat touching its hard shell while I fretted over its sharp claws.

The lipsmacking ‘Modak’, the coconut and jaggery dumplings sold by the locals during ‘Ganesh’ festival leave you wanting for more.

Tarkarli, Sindhudurg

On another trip to Konkan, the fishing village along the beach seemed like a picture postcard…it held my gaze. A quick typical Konkani meal from a small wayside restaurant later, we took a boat ride to the Sindhudurg Fort right in the middle of the sea. The sun beat down on us but the gently swaying boat ride and crashing waves kept our spirits high.

Picture perfect fishing village at Sindhudurg

Tarkarli beach is one of the most popular beaches of Konkan. It is a coral beach and dolphin sightings are quite common. I had however no such luck. But a evening spent at the white sands with the setting sun was perfect for a short vacation.

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman Islands

Among all the beaches, Radhanagar Beach is my most favorite. I was mesmerized by the shades of blue that the ocean presented throughout the day…from azure to deep teal…turquoise to inky blue to greys. I long to return to that picturesque beach yet again. The scenic beauty is enhanced by swaying greens that line the shore, the drift wood swept up on the shore and the soft white sand. I could never get enough of it…

Beautiful blues…

Elephant Beach, popular for snorkeling is no less in its exquisiteness. The mossy fallen trees gave it a rustic charm. Head over to elephant beach to see the colorful underwater marine life. You might see an elephant having a swim in sea too!



Last year a trip to Gir Forest Reserve and Diu saw me strolling down the Nagoa Beach. Popular for water sports it had tourists frolicking in and out of waves and riding speed boats. I had wandered away to the quieter part only to find a couple return from parasailing at that very spot.

The beach has some specific spots for surfers and scuba divers. Ride in hot air balloon or opt for Jet Skiing or sail over the sea strapped to a parachute and pulled by a speed boat or just sit on sands watching others reveling in fun…there is something for everyone there from small trinket shops to coconut sellers, jeep rides on the sands and even horse rides. By late evening the sea turns turbulent with waves crashing violently against the rocks further down the beach….It is at that time that the walk-way along the beach comes alive with night revelers.

Soaring above the sea at Nagoa Beach

There is something about the sea and sand that always pulls you to it….. The expanse of the sea towards the horizon always beholds and awes me…it sometimes intimidates me and yet it makes me reach out towards it…the tiny empty shells embedded in the sands pique my curiosity…and the rise and fall of the waves never ceases to amaze me.

Doesn’t the sea beckon you?

With an interactive map by Expedia, it becomes easy to search a beach of your choice…the popular party beach or an untouched virgin beach…for adventure sports to secluded ones fit for a romantic rendezvous…family friendly or for religious gatherings. You can find hotels, eating joints and nearby places to visit as well.

Planning your next beach holiday already? Explore more beaches here.

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  1. I am a travel lover & i have captured the beauty of various places around india & many beaches too & still there are many to be explored. The blog is simply great. Thanks for sharing.


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