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An ordinary life….is it?

A few days back eight people were killed while travelling atop a passenger train from Bareilly. Random accidents of people crossing railway tracks while the gates are closed are heard every now and then. Overloaded vehicles topple injuring the passengers.

The recent tsunami at Japan has once again driven home the point to live life to fullest and savour each moment. Life is not meant to be just squandered away ,who knows what is in store for each of us. But people, not only the uneducated but also students, office employees etc are  careless most of the times living in a false euphoria that ill fate would strike somebody else.

Despite all these people still throw caution to wind and life carries on…….

मतवाले हम नौजवान हैं,
आदर्शों और नियम
इनसे हम अनजान हैं,
धैर्य और संयम
हमें इनसे क्या काम हैं
आखिर संभाले हमें भगवान् हैं!
वैसे भी …..
तोल मोल कर देखा है
सबसे सस्ती यहाँ
मानव की जान है
मेरा भारत ……………..!!!!

Yes, the only free and cheapest available thing here is life…..

Shoma Abhyankar View All

I believe "Life is short and the world is wide"and travel is best possible solution to make the best of this life.

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